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Posted on 09-18-2018

Our Erie Optical in Mentor, OH Treats Many Different Eye Conditions

You may not know why your eyes no longer work the same way they did previously. Our optometrists at Erie Optical in Mentor, OH can help you correct your vision.

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Possible Conditions Requiring Eye Care Services

Refractory issues – Some people may have a condition that does not allow light to bend through the eye cornea and lens the way it should.

Nearsighted symptoms - Also known as myopia, causes you to not have the ability to see objects far away from you even if you can see objects near you.

Farsighted symptoms – Farsightedness, also known as hyperopia, results in you having the ability to see at a distance, but you cannot see objects close to you.

Glaucoma – If left untreated, it can cause permanent blindness. Usually, it starts with increased pressure that damages the optic nerve.

Macular degeneration- This condition usually causes gradual vision loss. It often requires supplements or surgery to correct.

Pink eye- Otherwise known as conjunctivitis, pink eye can infect or inflame the outer membrane of your eyeball and inner eyelid.

Dry eye – This sometimes results in itching or burning. In some cases, it may also cause your eyes to water, and this kind of moisture may not improve eye condition.

Allergies – Some reactions have no connection to how well or poorly your eyes can produce clear images. Still, we help you relieve itchiness, redness or swelling. 

Keratoconus, – Blurry, distorted, or double vision and nearsightedness, increased light sensitivity, or vision loss could indicate keratoconus. It results in the progression of a dome-shaped to a cone-shaped cornea.

Cataracts – When you have a cataract, you may feel like you’re looking through a frosty or foggy window. It might cover part of or your entire eye.

Amblyopia – The eye appears to wander and may not work together as they should. Poor depth perception could also occur in one or both eyes. 

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